Where are the products are shipped from?

We are shipping all the orders from our Miami, Florida facility

How do I know which color to choose?

If you can’t make a decision about which hair extensions color will match your hair, please send us an email to info@hairterprise.com with you hair at a natural light and we would gladly help you to match the color.

If the hair extensions I need are back ordered, can I still order them?

Of course! placing your order will make sure we will set a side the product so we can ship it to when it is back in stock.

What is the minimum length my hair needs to be to wear the extensions?

We advise at least 5 inches of your hair. If you think you will be able to wear them when you hair is shorter you can give it a try.

Can I dye my hair extensions?

Hairterprise.com provides 100% human hair. All of our hair extensions are going through a special dyeing process. Dyeing the extensions may damage the integrity of the hair and shortening the lifespan of the product. Please never lightening or bleach the hair extensions. Please note that dyeing the extensions will be done at the customer discretion

And it is own risk. The customer can’t return or exchange any product that was altered or colored.

Can I use styling tools on my hair extensions?

You can style the extensions using styling tools. We recommend using a heat protector spray on the hair extensions before using the styling tools

Can my hair extensions by washed?

Yes, the hair extensions can be washed. We recommend salon quality sulfate free shampoo and conditioners.

We don’t recommend washing the extensions as often as you wash your own hair. Only when you feel that the hair needs a wash.

Have another questions? Need more information?

Please email us at info@hairterprise.com.